Monday, May 31, 2010

Mexico Countdown: 4 Weeks!!!

Last fall my husband Aaron won a trip from work, but I was about to have a baby so we put it off for a bit.  About a month ago on a crazy day I phoned him and said "the last day of school is June 25, let's leave on June 25, let's plan that trip!".  So we did.  Now I've never been down south and I suppose this is not the best time to travel somewhere hot but I don't care.  We're both so excited to have a whole week ALONE. 

Anyway, since planning this trip I've been slightly more motivated to lose some weight!  I guess about 8 lbs. have dropped off in the last few weeks, but I need to drop at least that many more if possible in the next 4 weeks.  Time to be a little more consistent with exercise and more mindful of my eating.  I find my biggest challenge is not restricting  food intake too much, it seems that once I start trying to lose weight I almost lose my appetite and weight loss stalls.  I'm not sure why, unless it's simply that I"m trying to force myself to eat more foods that I don't like as well.  I've been doing well without snacks most of the time lately, just eating more substantial meals, especially breakfast.  I do know that if I drink lots of water, cranwater, and green tea (with coconut oil) and eat enough protein I do fairly well slimming down. 

So here goes!  I plan on bursting (walking/sprinting) 3 days a week, and alternating upper and lower body 3 days a week with core work on all strength training days.  So hopefully something like this:

Monday:   bursting
Tuesday:  arms, shoulders, back, chest, core
Wednesday: bursting
Thursday:  weighted squats, step-ups, lunges (12-15 reps, 2-3 circuits) , core
Friday: bursting
Saturday: arms, shoulders, back, chest, core
Sunday: rest

I may throw in some rebounding  as well, probably 5 or 10 minutes a day for overall toning and lymph stimulation.   As for eating, I'll be following (loosely) Fat Flush phase two.   I'll also be focusing on getting enough sleep, which is an extremely important facet of weight loss as well.  Now, I'm off to  to my  bursting in the driveway!  My neighbors must think I'm crazy...


  1. well you are...............crazy that is!!! ;)

    I'll be hitting the gym every day, to get this book worked on and this body......good times!!!

  2. Don't want to presume to give you advice Jul, but don't overdo it. Make sure you get the rest so you don't get catabolic.

  3. Thanks Phil! I know the exercise regime looks tough but in actuality it's probably going to be around 15-20 min. a day. I did the bursting last night and it was probably only 10 min. altogether because I could only get in 4 bursts! And the fourth one was much slower than the first haha, JJ Virgin said your body would let you know when you're done and she was right.

    I'm not used to it yet obviously and I'm sure I will build up, but she says even top athletes can't do more than 8 (if you can do more you're not truly bursting). That's because of how lactic acid builds up. The most difficult part for me sometimes is making myself go to bed on time, which I did pretty well at last night, now to keep at it!

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  5. Oops, late edit, sorry!

    All the best with it Jul. It's good stuff I know when you can get that growth hormone up and feel relatively fresh.I used to dream of being a world class sprinter once...I could do with going to bed a bit earlier too. Especially when it's dead time just before!

  6. Mexico! Wow, sounds like a you guys will have a great time!

    All the best with your plan. Must be so encouraging to have already lost 8 pounds :)

  7. Hi Cirra!!! I'm sure we'll have a really great time, haven't had real vacation alone since I was pregnant with Eva (though we had a couple of days here and there).

  8. Yaaaay for getting away alone!!
    And you look fabulous the way you are!

    But I might just drive by and take pictures of you in the driveway. haha. kidding...a little...

  9. Well Aaron's been mowing part of the field behind our house so I did my running out there tonight. Man my legs were sore from the other night though, it really slowed me down! You should come over and try it with me sometime, we'll have a race!