Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jennifer Mclagan, Author of "Bones" and "Fat"

Often times when I get out on my own for a few hours I end up at the bookstore browsing and not buying.  I usually spend a long time in the cookbook section, often shaking my head in dismay, but sometimes coming across a little treasure.  Last time I was there I came across a book simply titled "Fat" and though I've not purchased it yet it looks wonderful.  It made me think of  Lydia right away!   So today I''ve looked it up again and discovered the author has written another book and has a blog as well.   I haven't read through too much but from I've seen so far it looks like it should be amazing!  Go ahead and check out Jennifer Mclagen's blog and if you're interested in purchasing her books you might consider ordering from Amazon through Lydia's Divine Health store.

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  1. I found her blog and perused it a bit, interesting! Her book on Fat looks interesting, you will have to tell me the recipe for bacon fat mayo. And the book on 'Bones' looks good too!!! I just learned how to get my chicken stock to gel, break up the bones more, so the gelatin in them leaches out into the stock (and add the feet of course, which I will be picking up my first bag of chicken feet at next week's Farmer's Market ;)