Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've been thinking about why I am so passionate about nutrition and health.  It really started when my oldest child was around 2...she had (and still has)some health problems such as stomach pain, but she had horrible tantrums that would last for half an hour or more.  They were really similar to night terrors which she also had.  And she was clearly a sugar addict.  I began my journey to learn more and began with raiding my cupboards and removing all processed and refined foods, much to my husband's horror!  I started out with Fat Flush and Nourishing Tradtions, first detoxing myself and then spending hours on end in the kitchen trying new things and putting great fresh food on our table.  It was amazing, we lived like that for a few  months, until I got pregnant with our third child which means I was pretty sick for 9 months, and also bought a house in need of major renovation which had no kitchen for the first several months. Alot of stress and our healthy habits eventually got lost somewhere.  But not all of them, and I couldn't unlearn everything I believed about nutrition and of course never lost my interest even if  I didn't have much time to invest in it! 

Now we have 4 children from 9 yrs. down to 6 months and I'm on  a mission to look and feel healthy again.  And I want to teach my kids foundational nutrition that will hopefully help them for the rest of their life.   But I have some pretty specific goals, both long term and short term,  and I thought I like to throw them out there so I can look back and see how far I've come. 

So here are a few in no particular order:

lose excess fat (just me), help my daughter overcome her health issues, eat more diverse real foods as a family, have clear skin that does not require makeup, get rid of bad body odor, improve our teeth,  get more sugar out, be more or less wheat free (replacing with other grains/flours yet cutting back on intake of grains in general, especially gluten),  harvest my own organic veggies and store for winter through root cellaring and fermentation,  exercise regularly (especially weights and  circuit training (including bursting/intervals, also rebounding),  involve the kids more in food preparation and education, take some holistic nutrition classes either locally or online, continue to build library and self-educate, have lots and lots and lots of ENERGY!

Well, those are a few.  I've a got a good start on some of them and will continue moving forward but without any pressure.  These are things I want, not need, to do.  I find it fulfilling and enjoyable and look forward to feeling better and better!   As for the health issues with my daugher, I plan on taking her to a local natureopathic doctor soon and will include that process as well.  Should be interesting!

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  1. Go Julie! Your inner hotness is bustin' out, ha ha!!!!