Saturday, May 22, 2010

Divine Health, My Amazing Friend Lydia's Blog!!!

I'm kind of addicted to learning more about how to be my healthiest and look/feel my best.  I'm pretty passionate about good real food and getting my family to try new things and opt out of junk food on their own, even my young children (a work in progress!)  Lydia is probably even more passionate about all this than I am.  She is an amazing woman (and great friend!) who cooks gourmet meals, is raising 4 young boys as a single mom, and somehow manages to always be learning more about health and nutrition.  I have no doubt she'll be an amazing success as she begins to embark on her new adventure of pursuing business and career ideas.   So go check out Lydia's blog, there's tons of great reading about her day to day health journey and lot of great resources to check out there as well. She is hoping to be producing  some short recipe ebooks in the very near future--I can't wait!  (Please consider donating even a small amount on her site or ordering amazon books through her store to help her get things rolling...she is a stay-at-home mom needing to begin bringing in an income from home.)

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