Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Saturday, Another Trip to the Farmer's Market!

Here in NB, we may not have access to the best of everything this world has to offer, but our local farmer's markets (yes, we have TWO)  which are open Saturday mornings all year round, are absolutely amazing.  Local farmers and artisans gather every week and sell everything from prepared foods, fresh meat and produce and wine and maple syrup, to jewellery and handmade wooden toys.  I buy all of our meat products and  most of our produce and dairy from this wonderful local source.  I love being able to chat with the  farmers  as well! 

To give you an idea of the great things I usually pick up,  today I brought home buttermilk, yogurt, raw cheese, sour cream, fresh sourdough breads, chicken livers, bacon and back bacon, maple syrup, beets, sweet potatoes, pears, peppers, tomatoes, and bagged baby lettuce mix.  It was a light day for me at the market since last week a bought a box of beef with tons of steak, 2 roasts, and lots of ground  beef.

Make sure to check out your local farmer's markets!  Ours are the Dieppe   Market and the Moncton Farmer' Market.

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  1. sounds wonderful!! Thursday, I picked up 2 lbs chicken livers, 2 lbs chicken hearts, 2 lbs chicken gizzards, 2 lbs chicken feet, 1 qt strawberries, 1 bunch of beets, 1 beautiful bunch of spinach and that was it for me!! I love love love my farmer's market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!