Thursday, September 16, 2010

Win A Free Copy of Eat Well, Feel Well: More Than 150 Delicious Specific Carbohydrate Diet(tm)-compliant Recipes by Kendall Conrad

I got this cookbook Eat Well, Feel Well: More Than 150 Delicious Specific Carbohydrate Diet(tm)-compliant Recipes a few weeks ago and really really love it. I've already made the cucumber wrapped spring rolls with peanut sauce, french toast with bananas in honey caramel sauce, and more.  Every recipe I've tried has been excellent and the kids have loved it.  So I decided to offer it as a free gift to any readers who would like to enter my little contest.  I'm trying to help promote my friend Lydia's recipe ebooks so here's the deal:  If you buy her September edition for $7.95 and comment here and let me know, I'll enter your name 1 time in a drawing.  She is offering the August edition free with the September edition so you're getting a great deal.  Her recipes are amazing with pictures of every one and all the recipes I"ve tried are excellent and very healthy, gluten free, low carb, low natural sugar etc...

If you have already purchased her ebook this month that's fine, just let me know and I'll enter your name!  If you tell a friend about this contest and they buy a book you can have your name entered again, 1 for each friend you tell who buys a book.  If you buy a subscription, I"ll give you 5 entries, and 3 entries for your friend who buys a subscription.  All you have to do is tell me in the comment section and in one week, Sept. 23, I'll  do the draw and announce the winner.  I'll email you and get your info and have the book shipped to your door.  Either way you'll be winning because Lydia's recipes are amazing!!!!!!!

Click here to go to  her ebook page where you can view the table of contents, pictures, and make your purchase.

Good luck!


  1. Hello! Just bought Lydia's E-book from your recommendation! I'm wondering, how do I get the August edition too? It didn't download automatically. And, does that mean I've entered the contest?

  2. Hi Megan, thanks for entering! The best thing to do would be email Lydia and ask about the free August edition. Let me know if you don't hear back from her.

  3. Megan, you win! The odds were pretty good for you lol. To send me your info just click on my profile and then the email button.